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Thanksgiving Courtesy
Monthly Column
November 2007

Thanksgiving Courtesy

If you are already noticing that every part of the Thanksgiving meal is being stacked on the middle of the aisles because this is Thanksgiving month, lines may be long.  A little story to keep in mind while waiting in line:

"Mildred, a grandmother of seven, was grocery shopping.  She had made her way to the checkout line when all of a sudden a young man--eighteen or so--cut in the space in front of her."

"He apparently hadn't seen her.  When he realized what he had done, he apologized and started for the end of the line."

"All he had was one long-stemmed rose.  Mildred had a full cart of groceries.  She insisted that he go ahead of her."

"They talked about the Super Bowl, which was being played that day.  She commented that the young man must have someone very special to buy her such a beautiful rose.  He said indeed he did."

"When the young man got to the checkout counter, he told the checker to charge him for two roses and he would go get another one.  Then he turned and handed Mildred the rose and thanked her for letting him break in line."

"'I was speechless,'" she said later.  "'I thanked him and assured him he had made my day, as I was feeling all alone that Sunday.'"

"Mildred didn't get his name, but she never forgot his courtesy and his thoughtfulness."

"'I hope he received as much pleasure in giving,'" she said, "'as I did in receiving the beautiful red rose.'"   

-- The Power of a Penny by Glenn Dromgoole


Do you like to hear dialogue about the government?  Watch Real Time With Bill Maher.


The weather is getting cold which makes it harder to walk in bare feet.  Which means, enjoy these Viggo Mortensen barefoot pictures while you can:  :-)  http://barefoot.provocateuse.com/show/viggo_mortensen?start=0

Viggo Mortensen has a new CD:  Time Waits For Everyone.

From Viggo Works:

'Appaloosa' Update from Blogengeezer

"Each time the tracks in the street were swept away rapidly by the crew including Dennis 'the horseman'. All of a sudden Viggo Mortensen apppeared, grabbed a big broom and started sweeping vigorously alongside the crew
Now that was different. Viggo Mortensen is definitely not afraid of hard work and dirt........."

"The two horse team was getting a little fidgity. Viggo Mortensen walked over to the horse nearest him and started caressing its right flank slowly, and repeated it over and over, while talking to Renee, standing in the buckboard. The horse relaxed along with it's teammate. ........".

"All were amazed to see Viggo Mortensen, in his dark green jacket vest, still wearing his 45 caliber Colt on his left hip in a 'cross draw' fashion, butt forward, with all of the cartridges vertically lined along the brown 'fast draw holstered' belt. Viggo had started walking back to base camp along our little road. We stopped our full van. We gladly 'scrunched' together and Viggo Mortensen climbed in, laughing and joking with us. Viggo has a sharply chisel featured, face. He then stared intently out the window watching the beautiful full moon just starting to rise above the Eastern horizon."

"I followed him out the door as he walked briskly toward his trailer.............."

This account makes you look forward to the movie.


Russell Crowe appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Monday, October 29, 2007 to promote American Gangster which opens Friday, November 2, 2007.  Crowe announced there may be a TOFOG concert on January 26, 2008 in conjunction with a game between his team, the Rabbitohs, and a UK team in Jacksonville, Florida.

If you missed this guest appearance, you can see it by clicking on link below and click on the Russell Crowe episode:  http://www.nbc.com/The_Tonight_Show_with_Jay_Leno/video/episodes.shtml

Crowe was also shown as a spectator during the game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Indianapolis Colts talking about the Rabbitohs. 


Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman once again are in a movie together in The Golden Compass, scheduled to open November 7, 2007:  http://movies.aol.com/movie/the-golden-compass/23389/main.  There's a link on this page to watch the trailer.

A Daniel Craig fansite.  Haven't seen this one before so it may be new:  http://www.dedicatedtodaniel.com/.  See new projects list.


Orlando Bloom news about a car accident:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0089217/news


Pierce Brosnan Official Site.  Read Brosnan's letter on the front page.  http://www.piercebrosnan.com/menu.php?mm=1&sm=1&pn=1






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