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Electronic Books Here Sixth
Monthly Column
October 2007

EBH is six years old this month!  Thank you everyone!  

When a lady emailed me asking to add a family relative's email to receive my newsletter that I've been sending out even though I've stopped the monthly column, it encouraged me that I should continue the monthly column.  Also, some of you have emailed back after receiving the newsletter.  Thank you for taking time to respond.  It's always good to hear from the fans of the celebrities featured at this site.  Thus, this column will replace the newsletter. 

So after a 9-month break, it's fitting to resume this column during EBH's anniversary.  If you like movies, the arts, and the artists, this website is for you.  Your ideas, comments, and contributions are always welcome!  Also, this page is open to anything you wish to email, an article you read, a quote, a poem, something that happened to you during the day, a picture, a photograph you took, a product suggestion, etc.  Send something in for a change of pace!  Email me at mar @ electronicbookshere.com.

Whether you are reading this for curiosity, therapy, or whatever reason, I hope you find as much enjoyment during your visit as the fun in putting this column together.

Again, thank you everyone!

Marina Rundell


Thank you also to my two sons.  



It's an honor to have a family member of Minnie Vautrin, Ms. Judy Vautrin-Lewis, visit my website and also read the novel I wrote about the great life of Minnie Vautrin.  Go to the Minnie Vautrin page and cursor down past the pictures.  

Thank you Ms. Judy Vautrin-Lewis!


See if you won free e-book!  Free Ebook Contest winners announced here!

Do you like contests and free stuff?  Go to http://www.free-n-cool.com/index.html.

Enter for next year's contest!

Thank you to free-n-cool for listing the free book from Perceval Press, Twilight of Empire:  http://www.free-n-cool.com/wnewpay.html.  


On Tuesday, September 18, 2007, Oprah had a great show on autism with Jenny McCarthy and Holly Robinson Peete.

On Thursday, September 27, 2007, Oprah had a show to discuss healthcare issues with guests, Michael Moore, a representative for the health insurance industry, and a speaker from Princeton University.  The Princeton Speaker said that 100 billion dollars of taxpayer money will help provide healthcare for everyone in this country by starting a basic "standard" care that everyone can have.  He said 100 billion dollars is only 9 months of Iraq.


If you like questioning the government, watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: 



If you like "not questioning the government," watch The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert:



Viggo Mortensen movie with Naomi Watts, Eastern Promises, is in theaters now.  Check local times here:  http://movies.aol.com/See reviews here.


Russell Crowe movie with Christian Bale:  3:10 To Yuma:  Check your local listings:  http://movies.aol.com/See reviews here.

Also, Russell Crowe's movie, American Gangster, with Denzel Washington, is scheduled to open in early November 2007.


Daniel Craig Fansite:

http://www.danielcraig.fan-sites.org/.  News gives a brief interview of Craig in his upcoming movie, The Golden Compass.  

The Invasion movie starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman may still be in your theaters.  Check your local theaters here:  http://movies.aol.com/


Orlando Bloom Fansite link below.  Of all the fansites, here is one that continues on.  Shows that latest galleries are from September 7, 2007:  http://www.full-bloom.net/


Pierce Brosnan info and news:  http://www.klast.net/bond/brosnan.html






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