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Writers, A Folk Tale And Pictures
Monthly Column by Marina Rundell
March 2008

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Something to consider at next local or nationwide elections when you go vote.  The story below may be an oversimplification but at least it asks, "What would be your philosophy or approach when you build for your 'White House?'  What kind of leader would you be as you make decisions for the people of your city and the United States of America?"


With government, the answers aren't as simple as the story in the first grader's book, The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizas and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, but it does ask, "What kind of 'White House' would you vote for?"


The excerpt below is about the three little wolves.  After trying to build a house with bricks and concrete the three little wolves discovered this did not stop the big bad pig from sledge hammering and pneumatic drilling their houses.


"'We shall build an even stronger house,' they said, because they were very determined.  Just then they saw a truck coming along the road carrying barbed wire, iron bars, armor plates, and heavy metal padlocks."


"'Please, will you give us some of your barbed wire, a few iron bars and armor plates, and some heavy metal padlocks?' they said to the rhinoceros who was driving the truck."


"'Sure,' said the rhinoceros, and he gave them plenty of barbed wire, iron bars, armor plates, and heavy metal padlocks.  He also gave them some Plexiglas and some reinforced steel chains, because he was a generous and kindhearted rhinoceros."


"So the three little wolves built themselves an extremely strong house.  It was the strongest, securest house one could possibly imagine.  They felt absolutely safe."


"The next day the big bad pig came prowling along the road as usual.  The three little wolves were playing hopscotch in the garden.  When they saw the big bad pig coming, they ran inside their house, bolted the door, and locked all the thirty-seven padlocks."


"The pig dialed the video entrance phone and said, 'Little frightened wolves with the trembling chins, let me come in!'"


"'No, no, no!' said the little wolves.  'By the hair on our chinny-chin-chins, we will not let you in, not for all the tea leaves in our china teapot.'"


"'Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!' said the pig."


"So he huffed and he puffed and he puffed and he huffed, but the house didn't fall down.  But the pig wasn't called big and bad for nothing.  He brought some dynamite, laid it against the house, lit the fuse, and...the house blew up."


"The three little wolves just managed to escape with their fluffy tails scorched."


"'Something must be wrong with our building materials,' they said.  'We have to try something different.  But what?'"


"At that moment they saw a flamingo coming along pushing a wheelbarrow full of flowers."


"'Please, will you give us some flowers?' asked the little wolves."


"'With pleasure,' said the flamingo, and he gave them lots of flowers.  So the three little wolves built themselves a house of flowers."


"One wall was of marigolds, one of daffodils, one of pink roses, and one of cherry blossoms.  The ceiling was made of sunflowers, and the floor was a carpet of daisies.  They had water lilies in their bathtub, and buttercups in their refrigerator.  It was a rather fragile house and it swayed in the wind, but it was very beautiful."


"Next day the big bad pig came prowling down the road and saw the house of flowers that the three little wolves had built."


"He rang the bluebell at the door and said, 'Little frightened wolves with the trembling chins and the scorched tails, let me come in!'"


"'No, no, no,' said the three little wolves.  'By the hair on our chinny-chin-chins, we will not let you in, not for all the tea leaves in our china teapot!'"


"Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!' said the pig."


"But as he took a deep breath, ready to huff and puff, he smelled the soft scent of the flowers.  It was fantastic.  And because the scent was so lovely, the pig took another breath and then another.  Instead of huffing and puffing, he began to sniff."


"He sniffed deeper and deeper until he was quite filled with the fragrant scent.  His heart grew tender, and he realized how horrible he had been.  Right then he decided to become a big good pig."


"He started to sing and to dance the tarantella."


"At first the three little wolves were a bit worried.  It might be a trick.  But soon they realized that the pig had truly changed, so they came running out of the house."


"They started playing games with him."


"First they played pig-pog and then pig-in-the-middle, and when they were all tired, they invited him into the house."


"They offered him tea and strawberries and wolfberries, and asked him to stay with them as long as he wanted."


"The pig accepted, and they all lived happily together ever after."



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