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A Beautiful Mind, Nim's Island and A New Earth Webcast
Monthly Column by Marina Rundell
May 2008

Quotes below from A New Earth Webcast with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle, April 21, 2008.


Tolle:  "There was a film, A Beautiful Mind, some years ago of a scientist."

Oprah:  "With Russell Crowe."

Tolle:  "Yes.  He became delusional, this scientist, completely absorbed by his mind and had all kinds of delusions.  At some point in the middle of the film he suddenly realizes that he's insane and also the viewer at that moment realizes and it's so well done because until that point even the viewer doesn't know.  And at that moment the healing begins because with the realization that 'I am insane' sanity has arisen.  The observing presence is there and after that he could function again."

Oprah:  "Is observing presence and inner space the same thing?"

Tolle:  "Yes, but observing should not be confused with judging."

Oprah:  "I got it."

Tolle:  "So there's no judgment.  It's like a mirror showing you what's there.  The observer is not judging what is being observed.  If the observer begins to judge then the mind has come back in.  It just is.  And the observer is timeless.  And whatever the observer is observing, the behavior, the thinking, is conditioned by the past.  So you're bringing the timeless dimension into this world of time."


Like John Nash, there is also a similar character in the movie, Nim's Island.  Alexandra Rover is a writer who talks with the male adventurer of her novels, Alex Rover.  This writer is played by Jodie Foster and Alex Rover is played by Gerard Butler.


While John Nash didn't realize his mind had taken him over until the middle of the movie, Alexandra Rover, has space between herself and Alex Rover, the main character in her best-selling novels.  That is, she is conscious of the fact that Alex Rover is an imagined hero in her stories and thus, she doesn't completely identify herself with him.  This is easier because in her actual life, she is the total opposite of Alex Rover. Still, her mind is playing games with her as she continues to talk with him.  She eventually realizes she can let go of him because she has gone on an actual adventure herself.  She no longer needs to live vicariously through Alex Rover and no longer needs the adventures Alex Rover represents, so he disappears by diving into the waves.


John Nash discovered he was insane when he realized he totally identified with his mind.  


Alexandra Rover discovered her mind was making her live "fictionally" through Alex Rover and this caused her to shut herself in her house away from the world even though she was consciously aware she wasn't Alex Rover.  She was also consciously aware of her phobias as she tells Nim this in her email.  So while she may be "consciously aware" of her differences with Alex Rover, her mind still has control as she lives a life of being a hermit and at the same time talks and fights with Alex Rover, as shown in the funny front door scene as the perplexed taxi driver waits for her.  


She, herself, couldn't get herself out of her own phobias.  She, herself, couldn't detach herself from Alex Rover.  The realization that she had to help Nim forces her to overcome her phobias and to explore the fact she can let go of Alex Rover as her "talking companion."


So both John Nash and Alexandra Rover spoke with characters created by their minds.  They go about freeing themselves through self-realization.  John Nash does this as he consciously pushes away the voices in his head, while Alexandra Rover does this by going on an adventure to help Nim and along the way finds out about herself.


So this is something to heed for all of us.  It's good to step back and observe our minds and emotions consciously, accept whatever they bring up "into the now", with the realization that these do not make who we truly are.  


Who are we truly?  Read the books, A New Earth and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.


Otherwise, like the front door scene in Nim's Island, there will be a lot of taxi drivers in this world wondering what's going on.




Example of a taxi driver in the movies that discovers the insanity of his passenger:  Jamie Foxx as the taxi driver in the movie, Collateral.



Where can we find "The Power of Now" at work?  In the NBA Playoffs when a player is in "the now" and makes a shot.  Actors and actresses "being now" with their role.  You who are reading this right "now."  You who is "in the now" wherever you are and whatever you are doing.



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