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New Gladiator CD, Russell Crowe and the 75th Oscars 
Monthly Column
April 2003

The 75th Oscars are over and the closest thing to us seeing Crowe is when Nicole Kidman mentions his name as she accepts her Oscar.

So what do we do to fill in the time while Crowe stays out of the spotlight?  We've listened to the Gladiator soundtrack, to A Beautiful Mind soundtrack, to TOFOG's music, and to the "NEW" Gladiator soundtrack.  Thanks to Andrea for sending me this new soundtrack.  You can bid for this new soundtrack here.  Bidding ends in six days.

Why do I recommend this soundtrack?

Because it highlights those great scenes which include Crowe and the late Richard Harris, Oliver Reed, Joaquin Phoenix, and Connie Nielsen.  

Track one has a great guitar instrumental that gets built up with an orchestra and the music here "electrifies" my scalp and chest at the same time.  I don't know how else to describe how the music affects me, unless, of course I take time to write a poem.  ha!  Maybe it has the same effect on you.

Also, as I listen to the CD and parts of the movie, I keep thinking why not just make a CD of the entire movie?  Treat it like an audio cassette/CD of the entire movie?  I would buy this Gladiator CD because as a busy mom, I chauffeur my kids all over and I can listen to the movie while driving.  The movie has a brilliant score, can feature the voices of its great cast and has the outstanding voice of Crowe.

So it will be interesting if the business minds in the movie industry will consider trying this--of putting entire movies on audio.  Maybe it's already being done and I'm not aware of it.


What are some memorable Oscar moments?

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones and Queen Latifah singing.
  • U2 performing.
  • Barbara Streisand whistling when she announces "Lose Yourself" as winning song.
  • Roman Polanski winning best director.  It brought suspense as to which film will win best picture.
  • And of course, who can forget Adrien Brody and his need for more time?  I kept waiting for him to thank Roman Polanski, specifically, not just as a member of the credits at the end of the movie.  It didn't happen.  Although, he did thank Polanski at BAFTA.
  • Michael Moore's "fiction" speech as he accepts his Oscar for Bowling For Columbine for Best Documentary Feature.
  • And of course, there's Steve Martin's brilliant jokes.  For example, he thanks Steven Spielberg in the end of the show, because "it doesn't hurt."  This brought much needed relief.






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