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Male Actor Russell Crowe Fans
Monthly Entertainment Column
February 2003

Most of you who read this column are fans of male actor, Russell Crowe, so thank you for staying connected even when I write about other topics and celebrities.

This month I’d like to write about the Crowe fan.

So who is a Crowe fan?  There are not enough tunes or lyrics to describe us all, but we are married, single, have kids, no kids, in the over 60-years group such as the The Silver Crowes, or the many, thankful individuals, children and adult, who visit murphsplace.com, Maximum Russell Crowe, Russell Crowe Heaven and the many, great Russell Crowe websites for keeping us keyed in on Crowe. 

So far, despite all the image-bashing, media claims of Crowe's “badness,” we have not changed our choice of Crowe as our favorite actor.  We proved this when we went to see A Beautiful Mind.  Will we prove it again in Master and Commander?  And in Cinderella Man

You, yourself know what kind of Crowe fan you are, but I think what many of us share is our belief in the goodness of Crowe, and where do we find our proof?  There are many clues--his day job, music, acts of kindness, his interviews, his Oscar speech, his humor, his honesty.  All these are culminated in the Russell Crowe ebook.

So what are some of the tunes or lyrics of a Crowe fan?  The thoughts included here are based on the women who have bought the ebook.

  1. Most are moms, and while these moms are singing cartwheels for Crowe, they claim that their daughters do not like their mother’s choice of a favorite actor.  It appears, while there is the popular notion of generation gap in parent-child choice of music, the same can also apply to choice of celebrity.
  2. Some of these moms stay at home to be with their small kids, some have businesses of their own, have careers, or are retired and have grandchildren.
  3. We're grown, mature, intelligent women who know what we see in Crowe.

So one group of Crowe fans are moms.  We form one, big, loud "orchestra."  We will sit in the pit and accompany our beliefs on that big stage.  And one belief is being a Crowe fan, as we admire him interpret humanity through the great art of acting.


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Congratulations to Daniel Day-Lewis and his leading actor Oscar nomination for Gangs of New York!  You can also see him in A Room With A View.


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