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Listening to A Beautiful Mind Soundtrack
Monthly Column
March 2003

A Beautiful Mind

"I like how you write that's why I bought the book.  But now, I am even more appreciative of your writing style since I have finished over 40 pages of the Russell Crowe ebook.  I think your song with Russell’s name instead of Hercules is very amusing.  I’m very pleased with the book.  Thanks for several hours of real entertainment and new information on Russell ‘the man’ instead of the actor." - Jennie McDonald, Dallas, Texas.

What is it like to listen to the soundtrack of A Beautiful Mind?

First, you probably find that the only time you have to listen to the soundtrack of this movie is while you are in your car enroute to and from work or while on vacation.

For me, I listened to the soundtrack during a family vacation on the way to south Texas.  On one side of I-35 is a glimpse into the Great Plains.  On the other side of I-35 are more views of the Great Plains.  That translates to flat land and more flat land.

While most would consider the flat scenery exactly that, "flat," the openness of the Plains allows your mind to see far.

It's like seeing an ocean where the waves are land.  Geologically, the Plains were once covered by ocean.  It's like being able to see the deep, ocean floor, millions of years later.

So James Horner's excellent soundtrack from A Beautiful Mind gives haunting vocals that float the mind on the subtle scenery of the Plains.

So as you listen to the soundtrack of this excellent movie, you may be reminded of still unknown, mathematical truths waiting to be uncovered.

You may even see numerical symbols being formed right in front of your eyes, when you see the land formulating a wide sky, just so you can see the sunset one more time.

If the soundtrack doesn't affect you in this way, then maybe it's time to go back and watch Russell Crowe again!






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