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BAFTA 2003:  Daniel Day-Lewis, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Roman Polanski, Meryl Streep

I just finished watching the BAFTA Awards on BBC America on Thursday, February 27.

I found that it was on and I was thankful to have seen most of the latter half of the Award show.

The purpose of this article is not to reiterate what most entertainment news websites are excellently doing by keeping us informed of the latest entertainment news.  

This article is instead going to briefly touch upon my thoughts after watching the BAFTA Award show.

First, as I watched Catherine Zeta-Jones accept her speech, I kept thinking of her in Mark of Zorro with Antonio Banderas and how strikingly beautiful she was in the movie and how beautiful she still is today including her wonderful performance in Chicago.  In Zorro, she had a fresh, new face and it was obvious she can act, so I kept wondering how far she will go with her acting career.  The BAFTAs answered this question.

Another thought included Roman Polanski and I kept thinking of his excellent work in Macbeth.  It was also interesting to hear about the relationship of his movie, The Pianist, with his own life.  Because The Pianist won for best picture and he won for best director, my interest is piqued and I hope the movie is still in the theaters.

For humor, it was refreshing to see Meryl Streep read the faxed acceptance speech.  As she read the speech verbatim, which made humor of the fact that she read the speech that spoke a lot about her, she said, "I'm going to kill him," in a lighthearted but serious manner.  Then she accidentally said, "spank" rather than "thank" which showed the audience what she was thinking of the screenwriter as she read his acceptance speech.  This brought about much laughter.  It was a nice change of pace.

Finally, as the camera showed Daniel Day-Lewis with a shaved head, I kept thinking how handsome he looked and how beautiful his partner, Rebecca, was.  He acknowledged her in his speech for best actor in a leading role.  Anyone who is married, or has a relationship with great entertainers, knows what it takes to make it work.  The fact Day-Lewis called Rebecca the "biggest sport," shows what is required of "the other half."  It was clear his hands were shaking as he spoke of the fact that it was an honor to be recognized with some of the best actors today, including Michael Caine, Jack Nicholson, Nicholas Cage, and Adrien Brody.  When he spoke of his grandfather's award, I wondered how he was related to the British film industry.  Because I don't know anything about Day-Lewis except his movies I plan on going online to read more about him.  Every time the camera showed Day-Lewis I kept thinking how I hadn't seen him in a movie for quite some time.  I remember him in The Last of the Mohicans, My Left Foot and A Room With A View.

Also, there was a segment in the show that listed the movies that fans had a chance to vote on.  Two Towers won but from the list of movies, of which I'm a fan of all of them, including Star Wars, Die Another Day, Monters, Inc., it is clear that those who voted were probably the younger fans.  They aren't the moms and dads who are busy so that these younger fans can go online and vote.  Probably, if the more mature, adult audiences had the time to vote, the list would look a little different.

Here is a link for more on BAFTA 2003.


Here is a link for the Oscar nominations.







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