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Female Celebrity Lana Turner

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Birth name:  Julia Jean Turner, Later changed to Mildred Frances Turner.  Then later made film name, Lana Turner, as her legal name.

Born:  February 8, 1921.

Where:  Wallace, Idaho.

Named after:  Mildred Frances - Mother's name.

Female Celebrities:  Lana Turner:  Parents:  

Father:  John Virgil Taylor -- From Montgomery, Alabama.

Mother:  Mildred Frances Cowan, Born in Lamar, Arkansas in 1904.

Female Celebrities:  Lana Turner:  Husbands:

1.  Artie Shaw.

2.  Stephan Crane.

3.  Henry J. Topping, Jr. (Bob)

4.  Lex Barker.

5.  Fred May.

6.  Bob Eaton.

8.  Ronald Dante (Ronald Peller is real name).

Female Celebrities:  Lana Turner:  Children:

1.  Cheryl.  Father is Stephan Crane.

Female Celebrity Lana Turner:






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