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Dirty Pretty Things
September 8, 2003

I'm glad I was able to catch this movie while it was still in the theaters.

What's at stake in this movie is the honor of the main character and how he stays true to himself throughout.

Despite his hardship surroundings and difficult circumstances, he remains "good."  As he is tested to see if he will submit to the same "laws" that govern his boss at the hotel, the audience stays interested in his choice and we are all treated to how he remains honorable.  

It's interesting how this movie keeps your interest with the mental state of the male lead, and how you really do want to know his choices.  

Furthermore, after the audience finds out what his true profession is, his character shows how he truly does care for the well-being of others.

To illustrate this, he does what he can to take care of the female character he has grown to love.  He helps the old man with the "liver" wound.

Some of the details to look for include the plant the main character eats and when they occur in the movie, and the shots of him falling asleep and how this is used.  Also, there are the "phone" scenes.  Each time he makes a phone call, he is calling because of someone he cares about.  Each time he picks up the phone, the opposite occurs--he is being called to yield to "forces" he does not care for.

There is also humor--the scenes with the Chinese man at the morgue--the chess game.  Also, the detail of the book, which the male lead leaves to his friend at the end of the movie is a great detail to reinforce how the book is "food for the soul"--a main theme in the movie that not only is well presented in Dirty Pretty Things, but also applies in our own selves as the main character has shown. 

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