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Master And Commander The Far Side Of The World Film Review
November 15, 2003

When I looked online to buy the tickets for this movie, I noticed that all the times from 11 am to about 5 pm were sold out in one area movie theater.  So it appears that the segment of the population that plan on going to see this movie are not the “dating” crowd.  I think we all know this, and it will be interesting how this crowd transfers itself to the success of this movie.

Also, the pairing of Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany works again in this movie.  Both change their hair color and the change doesn’t distract us from their previous roles.  Also, Bettany’s sun-sensitive skin began to show freckles and this works in the movie to show how he has been at sea too long.

But enough of this kind of observation.  What’s very impressive again is Russell Crowe’s quiet, internal dialogue as the captain.  In his interviews, he has revealed how he made the time to know every aspect of being a “knowledgeable” captain, who knows his ship, crew, and seafaring.  This wasn’t a waste of time because in scenes where this must show, internally, it works.  For example, when he is alone looking at the new and improved wooden model design of the enemy, the Acheron, he does look like a captain who can add this new information to all his previous knowledge.

Moreover, Paul Bettany, as his sea mate, music mate, and especially his close friend, becomes “the big question of the captain’s character.”  That is, how will the captain act when his friend is in fatal danger and there is something he can do about it?

Should the character of Maturin become recognized in this movie, then literally, the captain has honored his friendship with the doctor.

So the fact that the relationship of these two men is an important part of the movie makes this movie not just about shooting cannons, eating grog, and ducking down in lower levels of the ship, where the height of Bettany would be a disadvantage.

Thus, the earlier question of how Weir will treat the interaction between Maturin and Aubrey has been excellently answered.

Go see this movie!  Why?  Your question will be answered after you see it!  :-)

Stay tuned regarding the great, filmmaking details in Master and Commander, The Far Side of the World.






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