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Matrix Revolutions Film Review
November 15, 2003

How the Matrix trilogy ends in Matrix Revolutions is interesting that it has a theologian kind of basis.  The only difference is that instead of "God," there are the "machines."  Keanu Reeves as Neo sacrifices his life so that the good will become one with the bad, and because Neo dies, the bad dies with him.  And this is excellently depicted in the final battle between Smith and Neo.  

This "good news" ending is a good way to end these movies, even if done in a way that our limited human capacities can understand, a theme repeated in the movie.

Also, there is the constant theme of love, such as the young woman who builds shells to do what she can to make sure her loved one returns home.  There is the indirect love between Morpheus and the strong female captain, and most of all, there is the love between Neo and Trinity. 

On a lighter note, this movie earns respect due to the fact that the filmmakers consciously disfigure the face of their star.  You can find out how this is done by going to see the movie.

Also, as Trinity gives her speech, well acted by Moss, it is refreshing to hear that her words to Neo are not the words, "I love you," which can become too trite because of overuse.

The fact Neo approaches the "all-powerful" machines disfigured is another nice touch.  It visually shows us that he is going with his "other senses open" to who he was meant to be.

Finally, I am a fan of battle scenes including the smaller scenes within the big battle such as the scenes of the 16-year old boy. Still, this segment of the movie started to get too long to the point where I was thinking, "I hope the rest of the movie makes up for this."  That it did.






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