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Lord of the Rings Return Of The King
December 19, 2003

Peter Jackson is "king."  His "new voice" in the making of movies is how he successfully combines the "realness" of the story with grandiose special effects.  He does it in a way that makes us like this combination.  For instance, in the past, I tried to avoid movies that contained gruesome, zombie-like faces like the Orcs.  But somehow, Jackson made it to where I can watch them, possibly because he combines these with palatable scenes of Aragorn and Arwen.  Lord of the Rings is Jackson's achievement in sharing his "new and visionary voice" with today's audiences. 

What are additional examples of this new voice?  How he makes the experiences of the "fantastic" apply to everyday living.  For instance, Sam had been through a lot, literally, and when he is back at the Shire with his Hobbit friends and they are drinking at the bar and he sees the girl he loves, he goes to her.  Before he set out for Mount Doom, he was afraid to even talk to her.  After all that he has been through, approaching the girl he loves is not as big an obstacle as before.  Thus, the humor in this truth makes Lord of the Rings, no matter how "expansive in scope," focus into our understanding of what makes life true--of becoming changed beings, like Sam.

That is why Sam is a fitting character to "reign in" Lord of the Rings from the magical back to the simple closing of a Hobbit door--our metaphorical understanding of "endings" and our belief that Sam, who represents us, will fill-in the remaining chapters of the story, as Frodo said.

With Sam as one example, the "Return Of The King" is a continuation of the fellowship of all, as Aragorn and Arwen are happily and soulfully reunited at Minas Tirith (This was very impressive to see Mortensen and Tyler act this out), as everyone else returns home, as the Hobbits enter through their front doors, and one day, will also give us the book with the blank pages at the end.






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