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Fahrenheit 911 Movie Review
June 27, 2004

We need to remember that the same kind of documentary can be made about a Democrat or Independent President.  

That said, go see this movie and go cast your vote in November.  This movie is only one example of what makes the United States of America a great country.

In another country, as the movie shows, when George W. Bush says something like how a dictatorship would be easier, the mere mention of making a movie like this would leave Michael Moore and the executives at Lions Gates Films in prison or worse.

In this great country and its great law of free speech, this movie can be shown and not only that, it can be shown a few months before a major presidential election.  Never in the history of the United States has this ever happened.

So it will be interesting how well this movie does, and if it does well, will Hollywood follow with more?  Will movies become "both edgy or watered-down political magazines" for either side in future presidential elections?  Will someone care like Michael Moore did?

If the movie theater--which was completely packed, and when the ticket person says that the movie showing times have had to be changed because more people came to see it than expected--is any indication, then it will be interesting how this movie will affect the election.  

Thus, consider your state.  Has its electoral votes always voted Republican?  Democrat?  It will be interesting if my state will go Democrat this time around.  If it does, then all those people in the theater changed their minds.  I sometimes question why I go vote because the state where I live always goes Republican.  But I go vote anyway even though I voted the opposite in previous elections.  Don't let such things discourage you.  Go vote!

There are a few major decisions we make that affect our lives--marriage, buying a home, starting a family.  Let voting at every presidential election be included in your list.

If Fahrenheit 911 does not convince you to go and vote, then what will?

Find out when Fahrenheit 911 is showing in your area:






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