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Finding Neverland movie review

I was searching for a heart-wrenching movie and was glad to have gone to see one that fulfilled this need.

Finding Neverland is a wonderful movie.  The richness of Barrie’s imagination is shown in the bear-dancing scene.  It is also shown when he sees the boys jumping on their beds.  Rather than tell the boys to “stop jumping on your beds” or “jumping on the bed will break the bed” like most parents would, Barrie instead sees them differently.  These scenes not only show Barrie’s playwriting mind at work by seeing possibilities, but also show how the boys and Sylvia become the chosen people he wishes to write about, not out of disbelief to open other people’s Oz-enclosed-little worlds, like some writers, but out of a connection with them, the boys and their mother.

Sylvia’s character has many “between the lines” aspects.  Imagine all the work during turn of the century London!  There was no domestic help, also known today as the washing machine and dishwasher.  There was no nanny, also known today as the TV, video, or computer games.  If she did have a cook, maid, and nanny, there’s a good chance she wouldn’t be spending her time rearranging furniture.  Also, for all moms out there, wouldn’t it be nice if she could simply say, “It’s time to go see the opening of Mr. Barrie’s play” and all the boys would be completely dressed and spill-stain-smear free? 

What makes the affection between Barrie and Sylvia believable is that they truly “connect.”  This is illustrated in the Cricket scene.  Sylvia and the boys are by themselves.  Barrie’s wife and her gossip society are together and their “whispers” are clearly shown through the brief shot of the bread being dipped in a tea cup and how “gossip-ridden” this appears (reminds you of Return of the King and the sloppy eating of the Steward of Gondor).  Despite this, Barrie, Sylvia, and the boys connect and this is shown in the kite-flying scene.  Anyone who has ever gotten a kite to fly knows that feeling of simple accomplishment and joy.

Also, the boys are very good in this movie.  You can feel the grieving Peter is going through.  Young Freddie Highmore's acting is easily recognized because of his talent.

All in all, this is an excellent movie.  Everyone adds “high drama” even in the many, quiet scenes.  Dustin Hoffman gives the much-needed humor.  Johnny Depp’s subtle acting is shown when he sees his wife where he normally goes to watch his plays.  He also ignites his close-ups and his accent sounds authentic—a gifted actor.






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