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Hero movie review
September 7, 2004

In addition to all the great things that is being said about this movie, which caused me to want to go see it, one main thing came to mind as I watched and agreed with everyone who gave this a thumbs up.  

I am reminded of the many things the Chinese used thousands of years ago and how these things continue to exist today.  First, there is the stringed instrument that the old man is playing while "Nameless" and Sky sword fight.

Second, I have always thought that the toy inventor who came up with the "Magna-Doodle" that my kids play with was a genius.  Thanks to this movie, I have now been corrected.  The thinking behind the "Magna-Doodle" was already invented--thanks to the calligraphy school in the movie.  Only back then they didn't have plastic, or magnetic pens and tiny magnets to use for drawing.  What they did have was sand.

So the movie made me wonder about what other things the Chinese can claim as their invention, that is, to be the culture that first came up with such things--swords, catapults, arrows?  

In addition to weaponry, they are also known for the philosophies behind the movie's martial arts.  Also, the idea of "Our land" is another thing that the movie seems to say is part of Chinese culture.

Moreover, while many previous martial arts films we have seen give the hero a revenge motive, this movie does the same but goes further by going beyond just "revenge" and instead into the theme and purpose of a unified land.

Finally, thanks to this movie, the king character has added a new definition to "emperor."  I can now think of the emperor in the movie, "The Last Emperor," with the strength, brilliant mind, and fighting skills of this movie's king and how the original "emperors" "earned" rather than "inherit" their status.






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