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Napoleon Dynamite Movie Review
October 9, 2004

If you are in the mood for something non-mainstream, this movie, Napoleon Dynamite, is for you.

It reminds you of the current Presidential Election.  Who will you vote for?  Summer (the rich, popular cheerleader) or Pedro (The minority)?  Will Napoleon (who supports Pedro) affect your vote in any way?

Summer represents the rich.  Pedro, most of us (reportedly 98% majority).  While the poor have angst (See In America movie) so do the rich.  As the rich get richer, some of their children may continue making documentaries that show the angst of being rich.  What will "born rich" kids do with themselves?  Collect old, rare maps?  Or ask the question, "What is a washing machine?"

As two, rich kids, who already have plenty on their asset columns, John Kerry and George W. have turned their time toward public service.  They have different ideas of helping the world.  

One proclaims to support the middle class.  Those who are paying the government's bills should at least see some of those taxes work for them.  The poor and middle class are investing in the "certificate of deposit" called the Government and Kerry proposes to give them a good return on their deposit.  This means, everyone, go buy Heinz ketchup!  This may be the beginning of our oil-free diet to a more anti-oxidant diet!  :-)

George W. has not denied the bigger tax break he has given to the rich--The rich know the "stock" called "George W." is for them.  Just trust the "news you can trust" on TV and what is not shown.  Otherwise, do what Dr. Phil always says, "Remote Control." 

If a Napoleon Dynamite can make a difference in a High School election, because his name is "Napoleon" and he is willing to "revolutionize" societal norms, then that's really what elections are for in this country--to exercise democracy--to be able to oppose the current power--to make a change--to demand representation with the taxation.

Should we start worrying when a Presidential candidate scowls as if he shouldn't even be attending a first debate?  Does he know something?  Another rigged election?






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