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The Terminal Movie Review
July 5, 2004

When All-American actor, Tom Hanks, said on Leno that he was going to play a foreigner, I thought this I have to see.

Hanks pulls it off and respect for this man's venturing talent continues to grow as he can convince everyone that he truly is from a fictitious country from the Eastern bloc.

When you add Catherine Zeta-Jones, her scenes with Hanks are great!  She can get teary-eyed on cue and sincerely mean it.  She's genuine.  She's a great talent.

There are many funny scenes, including the man from India, especially the dinner scene, where entertainment is an "exciting juggling" of plates.  Hanks mentioned on Leno the entertaining skill of this "plate man" and now we know what he meant.

Also, Stanley Tucci, who plays the terminal boss, does a great job of being an "uptight character" and he also shows this excellently in the feel-good movie, Maid in Manhattan, where his scenes with another one of today's great actors, Ralph Fiennes, are fun to watch.






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