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Philippines Vacation Travel Guide and Memoir Ebook

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The Fog and Elizabethtown Movie Reviews

The Fog and Elizabethtown Movie Reviews

Elizabethtown and The Fog make me think of A History Of Violence.  Elizabethtown is the iconic Americana.  The Fog has a history of violence.

Elizabethtown is a feel-good movie that may end up making you feel more than just feel-good.  You will feel better because you thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  Within the “iconic-ness” of the movie there is the funny dark humor.  When Orlando Bloom describes to his boss, Alec Baldwin, how he wanted to fall out of the plane--that was funny.  The exercise bike scene is funny.  The son screaming is funny.  The last shebang during “Freebird” is funny.  The seat-belted urn is funny.  The road trip makes you think of the road trips and vacations you’ve taken.  The dust from the iconic father is thrown at different, iconic places in the country.  But then, it is “only dust in the wind.”

The opposite of this is The Fog.  There are lesser chances of going wrong when Tom Welling is filling up the screen.  If you are not a fan of horror, you can probably do without all the zombie scenes.  But if you like seeing these, feast your eyes, especially at the latter scenes.

To me, what’s even more scary than seeing the zombie faces is when the camera shoots the back of someone and then pans quickly to show who is behind.  That is scary, when joined in with appropriate, scary music.  The movie does this enough to make its genre proud.

The premise, again, makes me think of A History Of Violence.  If you are a believer that everyone and everything is connected to some kind of violence in the past, then you may see yourself living in The Fog’s town of Antonio Bay.  If you don’t see this connection, then you may see yourself living in a place similar to Elizabethtown.

Whether you prefer things to be connected or disconnected, at least you can then make the choice to live in Antonio Bay or Elizabethtown.  Whatever natural consequences will follow.





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