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Kingdom Of Heaven Movie Review
May 7, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven Movie Review  

For those of us who are at a stage in our lives where stopping to appreciate a budding flower becomes a luxury, like Orlando Bloom does toward the end of the movie, taking time out to go see this movie is worth it!

In its genre, Kingdom of Heaven stands on its own and has its own feel (This was a concern when I went to see the movie because of LOTR and Gladiator). 

A great scene to show this is at the beginning when Balian meets Godfrey, when father and son meet for the first time.  For many actors who have "broken beginnings" where a father does not come forward to reveal himself, this is a great scene.  Orlando doesn't say much but you know what is going on in his mind and heart.

Also, the shipwreck segment is beautifully photographed.

Because of Ridley Scott’s beautiful direction such as the first fight scene among beautiful, tall trees, or the humorous, but effective scene of the king on a donkey and mostly because of the movie's messages, this movie is very enjoyable!

This is a great movie because it respectfully treats the Muslim and Christian sides.  It’s like a bandage that is so timely and much needed in today’s world.

Ridley Scott, in his interviews, has said he will make movies to show he is against war.  This movie does just that.  The message to me, at least, was clearly given.

Congratulations to Orlando Bloom in his first major starring role.  Whether this movie makes a lot of money or not (Most of Orlando’s fans cannot go see R rated movies), Bloom has proven his capability of being the marquee actor in a movie.  This movie shows he has the “quality” as well as the obvious talent that puts him in a class of actors today who “have it.”

The quality of Kingdom of Heaven makes you want to go see more movies!

Article on this movie is a free gift with Orlando Bloom ebook!





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