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Million Dollar Baby Movie Review
April 10, 2005

Million Dollar Baby Movie Review

What makes this movie good:

  1. New topic—women’s boxing.
  2. Topic of the "rules of death."
  3. Details—Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood shown in “half-shadow” when confronting  Hillary Swank’s character, Maggie Fitzgerald.
  4. The believable character of the “not so nice Mom.”
  5. The dialogue:  “A ghost walks in.”  Very-well placed and well-cut from the previous scene to this scene when Freeman speaks the dialogue.
  6. The pie and its relationship to the experience of tasting it--this parallels the dialogue about “going to heaven.”  This detail needed and applicable to the shot of Eastwood in the end.
  7. The church services and scenes of Eastwood with Priest/Minister/Rector/Pastor.  Eastwood does not receive confirmation and blessing.  Eastwood's character does receive understanding from Freeman's character.
  8. Detail of door opening and Eastwood finding returned mail.
  9. Fooling the audience, myself, of the possibility of Swank becoming Eastwood's long lost daughter--Glad the movie didn't turn out as the audience may have suspected.

These stand out as you watch the movie.  My friend and I who went both agree this was a very good movie.  The other, unknown actors acted and were directed well.

There is only one comment my friend made that did not sit well with her.  She criticized Swank’s accent even though Swank did a wonderful job of making the accent believable and natural.  

Why was my friend bothered by the accent?  Because people in Southwest Missouri, as the movie reveals, do not talk anything close to Maggie Fitzgerald.  Of course this is only a technicality which can be easily fixed by saying Maggie did move to Southwest Missouri from Alabama.  :-)

My friend was bothered by how the accent "pigeonholes" the perception of people living in Southwest Missouri.  She was tired of how the accent gave a "connotation" of this part of the world.  I agreed with her.  At least Swank's character also shows the positive side of the "million dollar" drive that can come from this part of the world.






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