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Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith Movie Review
May 22, 2005

“The Force” is with this movie.  That is, it has the magic of the Hamill, Harrison, and Fisher movies to help carry it into this last movie. 

This is one of those movies where we still want to go see it, even when we already know how it will all end.   The journey is a colorful-action-filled trip to the dark side.

Artistic cuts:  Darth and his wife being tended to at operating table.  Cut of both of them looking at sun in the distance connects to the end when Obi Wan drops off Luke.

Artistic detail:  Obi Wan uses a “natural” mode of transportation versus General Grievous’ metallic wheel.  Obi Wan's transport is in keeping with the close connection of the Jedi with “The Force.”

These questions answered:

Why and how does Darth Vader become Darth Vader?

How does the emperor become disfigured?

Can Yoda really get much cuter?

How good is Obi Wan when fighting with the light saber?

The special effects are great!  Still, my realistic mind couldn’t help thinking about all the litter in outer space.  Possibly, entire planets will become landfills?  Concept for a sci-fi movie.

Sith is very enjoyable and a great way to wrap up the series.





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