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Great movie about Teenage Pregnancy and the choice to put baby up for adoption.  This baby is the lucky one.  See movies about orphans such as The Cider House Rules.

Jennifer Garner’s character, the new mom in the movie, plays a very crucial scene at the mall where she touches Juno’s stomach to see if the baby will respond to her.  Because of this scene, you believe she will make a good mother to the young boy.  She shows strength by the fact that she’s undergoing divorce and still has plenty left to take care of the future of the human species, on her own, until if/when a man who is ready to become a father joins her life and her son’s.  Moreover, because in real life Garner has become a mom herself, Garner definitely “knows” what it’s like to become “scared shitless” as a new mom.  Along with the fear of how to keep one’s baby alive (and behave later on), there is the sureness a mom has by letting her instincts take over, along with books and doctors to help her along the way.  Practical example—many new moms cut their once long hair short—one less thing to worry about.

This movie has both pain and love so tightly woven together in all the relationships presented.  It’s good to see the Academy Awards recognize a movie that doesn’t have the huge budget like its counterparts.

There are lots of humor—the one and only teenage girl picketing the abortion clinic, the jogging track team and their short shorts where Juno’s imaginings led to her pregnancy, Juno’s teenage girl friend, the tray of food, and even the Previa is funny.

One wonders where the pregnancy test stick came from—one that belongs to a patient from a doctor’s office for use in the movie?

While many moms have the help of others such as husbands to raise their children, Garner’s character has an even more difficult situation.  She is on her own without the help of the husband.  Based on her character’s scenes, she will be all right.  

She is reinforcing the power of a woman and at the same time raising the flag to society of how this "delicate yet strong" power needs to be supported.

Why?  Imagine if more women had the same attitude like the husband.

Society, the economy, everything as we now know it would grind to a halt. 

Cloning, anyone?






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