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Film Reviews:  Fools Rush In and My Big Fat Greek Wedding Movies
January 2003

Fools Rush In and My Big Fat Greek Wedding are examples of two movies that touch upon the topic of marriages of two cultures.

In Fools Rush In, the two cultures of Mexico and the upper class from the eastern seaboard are joined.

In My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the cultures of Greece and the upper class of Chicago are also joined.

Like Fools Rush In, My Big Fat Greek Wedding shows a family-oriented culture where everyone gets together often and these get-togethers are often loud and busy.  This is unlike the cultures of the families of the male characters in each movie.  The families are quiet and are not as eager to meet on a regular basis, except on holidays as the Fools male lead character reveals.

These two movies have similarities in theme and succeed in treating each one with humor.  

Moreover, these two movies prove that using well-known stars as well as unknown actors can work.






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