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Star Trek Into The Darkness

If it happens that the battery to your car dies on the way to see Star Trek Into The Darkness, you may be disappointed, not about the battery, but about possibly not seeing the movie that day.

Mechanical things in our lives stop working after a while, leaving us stranded anywhere. This causes delays, late appointments, rescheduling and so on.

But in the world of Star Trek, as in how the movie ends, we will have many opportunities to "explore" our nerves, mannerisms, and tempers when car batteries die.

During this exploration, how did you fare? Were you calm? Like the Captain of the Enterprise? Or did your temper go into uncontrollable warp?

Either way, car batteries will go out again, when you’ll have another chance to “Star Trek explore” your emotions, thoughts, and actions during such times.

This exploration, Star Trek’s core principle, was kept in Into The Darkness, in addition to the other things that make this movie great, such as the action, humor, and storyline.

In the conclusion, the movie underlines the principle of Star Trek, a principle that provides an alternative toward the continuing missions of humankind.

Without this core principle, the movie would have failed to capture the heart of Star Trek. This would be similar to fans watching their car batteries die in disappointment.

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