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The Lone Ranger 2013 Movie Review

The Lone Ranger 2013 Movie Review

This is a beautifully made movie with the elaborate sets and actions scenes. Because I go see a movie with the belief of how hard it is to put one together, every movie is a miracle in itself. However, movies these days seem to get longer and longer and that’s fine as long as one isn’t made to feel that way.

Also, when one starts asking, “Was that really necessary?” then possibly it’s a scene that could have been edited out, only opinion, of course, but as movies seem to be on average two hours long lately, it’s now more than ever to think, mmmmm, could that be edited out?

For example, the heart-eating scene. Was that really necessary? Do PG-13 kids really need to see this? Yes, it emphasizes that the bad guy is a VERY BAD GUY. But the actions of this antagonist are already made clear early on and taking out this scene and the dialogue that precedes it stay within the parameters of the not-so-dark tone of the Lone Ranger shown in the latter third of the movie.

Another example is the boy and display case scenes. One wonders if the movie will be fine without these scenes. While the purpose of narration is a great idea, and the young man and Depp act them out well, these scenes seem to be interruptive.

Again, it’s easy to write a few words about a movie, when one recognizes the difficulties of completing a movie.

Overall, The Longer Ranger is a great, well-acted movie, and the latter third is the favorite part as the tone of this segment is one of the reasons for wanting to go see the movie in the first place.

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