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Film Reviews:  The Matrix Reloaded
June 11, 2003

The first movie, The Matrix, was such an interesting concept and that was what attracted me and made me a fan.

Thus, I went to see The Matrix Reloaded.  This movie shows the the lives of humans outside The Matrix in cities like Zion.  The movie gives imaginative visuals of this great city out there in space.

In this city, the scene of the counselor and Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, shows one of the major themes of the movie.  Zion is powered by machines and The Matrix, too, is similarly powered.  

If this is true, then who is the true enemy?  It appears The Matrix was an enemy in the first movie, but now, there are other enemies.

The enemy is the hybrid, mutated former Matrix agent that "snatches" any body he can get hold of for his own purposes--such as destroying Neo.  The other enemy is the army of The Matrix that is set to destroy Zion and all its human inhabitants.  Another enemy is the betrayal of a human as shown by the human character who hides the knife behind his back.  This knife is intended for Neo.  This human enemy is shown again briefly in the end.

With these enemies, the second movie has given enough interest for us to want to see it.  Beyond that, I like the characters and would like to see how their story ends.






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