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Film Reviews:  The Quiet American
January 2003

As I watch the end of The Quiet American, I am struck at the quality of movies that Hollywood is presenting to its movie audiences.

You can go from fantasy in The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers, to the realities in The Quiet American and in between you can wince at the historical drama, Gangs of New York, think about life/death and women’s history in The Hours.  

But back to The Quiet American.  This is another of those films that uses the excellent acting of Michael Caine, whose character makes a pivotal decision toward the end.  He decides to open the book at the window only after not liking what he hears from Brandon Fraser, who plays ironically, the "quiet" American.

Michael Caine’s character illustrates how each of us in our lives make pivotal decisions, not as personally and politically ingrained as Caine’s character, but our decisions are enough to significantly affect ourselves and others.  With Caine’s decision, he has chosen a political side, he has chosen the chance of getting his female partner back, and he has chosen where he is to live the rest of his days.

There are many kinds and levels of decisions we all make, and Michael Caine’s character brings these to our consciousness.






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