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Oprah and the movie Chicago

On Thursday, January 23, 2003, the subject of Oprah's show was that of domestic violence.

As I watched how varying and opposite opinions were given, because, after all, Oprah wants to present more than one side, the movie, Chicago, came to mind.

It reminded me of all the women in prison who committed a crime, namely, according to the movie, murder.  The movie, Chicago, talks about murder because of betrayal, but Oprah talks about violence which can lead to murder because of domestic violence.

Still, the cause of death in the movie and Oprah's show on domestic violence is a result of a heightened, emotional state of anger.

Oprah praises one of the men she interviewed.  The man said that the way to stop domestic violence is for him to own, acknowledge, accept, deal with all the painful emotions he is feeling.  By doing so, his state of anger can be diffused.

In the movie, Chicago, how is this state of anger diffused?  It is accomplished not in "realistic" terms, but in "fantasy" terms as shown by the jail dance sequence where all the women express their reasons for their crimes through dance.  The entire movie is based on fantasy and instead of taking its subject of murder too seriously, it instead shows this subject through dark comedy.  

Also, because of this subject it shows how the system is not always fool-proof.  For instance, there is the great example of Richard Gere's character.  He is the "system" embroiled in one big, tragic, comedy show.  He is "showtime" at its manipulative best.  He isn't out to be right.  He is out not to lose a case, and his methods are an ironic as well as sad show of how the courtroom, the jury, and the public watching are things he can control.  The movie cuts back and forth from his court room scene to tap dancing to depict this.  So he tells Zellweger how to act and speak, and as a result, he wins his case.

So the movie says, yes, marketing works, and yes, we, the audiences are gullible.

Could it be our way of suppressing or accepting our pains as a human race?  

That could be another subject for the next movie or Oprah Winfrey Show.

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