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Film Reviews:  Josh Lucas Actor In  Sweet Home Alabama Movie

Josh Lucas actor and Reese Witherspoon are excellent in the movie, Sweet Home Alabama.

I first noticed Lucas as Martin in A Beautiful Mind, and he did a wonderful job in this movie opposite Russell Crowe.

Sweet Home Alabama is a movie that fits him and he reveals why he did the movie.  He says he identified with the “southernness” of the story because he grew up in the South.

The movie is a romantic comedy and ends, of course, where the two lead characters do truly love each other and end up in each other’s arms in the end.  What happens afterwards is another story, and I’m sure Lucas would depict this “afterwards” character well. 

He proved his abilities in A Beautiful Mind, and again in his starring role in Sweet Home Alabama.  So it will be interesting to see what other roles he will take in the future after success with Sweet Home Alabama.

As far as looks, he reminds me somewhat of Paul Newman.  For humor’s sake, maybe if you paired him with Brad Pitt, we will have another, different yet similar version of the pairings of Paul Newman and Robert Redford.  It will be interesting if the business minds of Hollywood will tap into the possibilities of a Lucas and Brad Pitt pairing.

Still, this rising actor caught my attention in A Beautiful Mind and I wondered about him.  I wondered how his good looks and presence that he proved in A Beautiful Mind would make Hollywood realize here is a future, lead actor.  Hollywood knows and recognizes screen presence and they know Lucas “has it.”

The other thing I wondered about was when will be his next, successful movie.  My question is answered.  Sweet Home Alabama makes full use of this emerging actor.  They have him take off his shirt, they have lots of close-ups of  his handsome face, and they make him that kind of man every woman would love to “catch” or “be with.”  Despite all these, which can sometimes cover up his talent, he can act!

So congratulations, Josh Lucas, I look forward to your future movies.

I will definitely go see Hulk, not only because of Lucas but also because of Ang Lee.  Ang Lee is a great director.  With Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, he showed today’s audiences innovative camera angles and movement.  Because of directors like him, movies continue to be high quality, inventive entertainment.  And as a fan, I am truly appreciative.

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