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Screenwriting Tips

What are some of those “detail-oriented” tips that screenwriting books don’t tell you?  Especially for a beginning writer?  

Let’s take a look at the humorous side.

  • How do you bind those screenplays with covers where the brads don’t show?  So the waxy side of the paper is showing on the outside?  
  • If you’re a beginner, you’re probably wondering where in the world to get those brads?  Or what exactly are stock covers? 
  • Another tip--plan for extra printing time.  That is, if you’ve finally decided your movie script is in the “printing” stage.  You might find the printer is out of ink.  Or a thunderstorm has blown out your computer.  Or your kids are asking you to pour them strawberry milk, or your college paper is due and you forgot about it, or you’ve run out of paper and all the stores have closed.  These are only examples.  But they do happen!
  • You must know how to download your software and learn how to use it.  Read the instructions, even the ones that you think you should ignore because they don’t look like instructions.  For example, do you know how your software makes title pages?  Or do you know how to set up the software so you don’t have to be inserting the CD-Rom into the drive every time you want to use the software?
  • Have you decided on what kind of envelope to use to mail out your script?
  • Or how about choosing what kind of paper—the very white ones, or the not-so-white ones?  Is the extra $3.00 worth the cost of the heavier and whiter paper?
  • Should you type or hand-print when filling out forms?  Maybe you are one of those lucky ones who still has a typewriter.  If not, you probably just want to hand-print because you don’t want to drive to the library and borrow a typewriter.
  • Should you be asked to mail a postcard for notification of receipt of your screenplay, remember to write somewhere on the postcard where you are sending your screenplay.  This way, when the postcard returns with only "Rec'd" written on the back, you know where that postcard came from and thus, you will know who received and sent back your postcard.  This is especially helpful when you send your movie script to more than one place and you sent the same, exact postcard to each one.
  • Finally, back-up!

(Some software do ask you to back-up before letting you close the program).

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