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Writing First Screenplay

Writing First Screenplay:  There are many questions.  To begin, what makes you think you can or should write a screenplay?  What makes you think screenwriting is for you?

First, you have to like to write.  You read and hear many times in entertainment shows of screenwriters having to rewrite and rewrite and rewrite.  It should become every writers's middle name:  John Rewrite Doe.  Because of all the work, there is always the issue of compensation.  And if not, join the next writer’s strike.  That is, if you are a member of the Writer’s Guild (WGA).

Second, you have to like the movies.  If you’re drawn to action, comedy, drama, or any of the many genres, maybe your mind is telling you that that’s where your passion lies.  That's where your screenwriting drive is in motion.  It helps to begin with something your mind likes the most.

The actual work begins when you get hired, for example, to write a comedy, for a set time frame, for a set amount of pay, for a creative producer, director, actor with numerous ideas.  Would this be heaven for you?  To be mind-melding with great, creative minds? 

Third, will you be able to take the commercial and business aspects of movie script writing?

Fourth, do you have what it takes to gulp down the rejection and be able to move on by continuing to write scripts?  Or is moving on finding other interests in your life?

Fifth, do you have the time?  Can you make the time?

Sixth, do you want to take classes or join writing groups?

Seventh, will you be able to hold in your excitement when one day you are one of the lucky ones to actually sell a screenplay?

On that day, I say, congratulations!

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